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Want to learn more about web development and React? I have a few other courses already on Educative! Have a look.

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Other Courses by Me on Educative

Understanding Redux: A Beginner’s Guide To State Management — This is a beginner’s gateway into the mechanics of using Redux as an application building platform. It takes a bottom-up approach, enforcing the basic aspects of Redux before incorporating them together in a creative and interactive way. It begins with a short theoretical section before moving on to application-based problems. The course does assume that the user has a basic idea of how React works, as Redux works in the React environment.

Understanding Flexbox: Everything you need to know — This course will cover all the fundamental and advanced concepts you need to be well versed in the CSS Flexbox model. You will learn to lay out a Responsive Music App in the process. It is a detailed course, and I hope you’re ready for it.

The Complete Advanced Guide to CSS — My goal is to take you from a beginner (or intermediate) CSS user to one of the best CSS devs you know! The course teaches the fundamentals of CSS, a guide to responsive design, sleek interface creation with CSS animations, transitions, writing maintainable and scalable CSS, and much more! Also, with this course you’ll get a private Slack invite where you can ask me anything.

The 4 (Practical) Flexbox Tricks you Need to Know — If you’ve been trying to get a grip on Flexbox - here’s an interactive practical tutorial for you. No fluff, just the important practical tricks you need to know.

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