Why Use Advanced Patterns?

Advanced patterns with hooks allow reusable React components to be incredibly flexible.

Why is Component Reusability Important?

John has had a fairly good career. Today he’s a senior front-end engineer at ReactCorp; a great startup making the world a better place.

ReactCorp is beginning to scale their workforce. A lot of engineers are being hired and John’s beginning to work on building reusable components for the entire team of engineers.

Yes, John can build components with his current React skills. However, building highly reusable components creates nuanced problems.

There are many different ways components can be consumed, and you want to be sure to give the consumers as much flexibility as possible.

They must be able to extend the functionality and styles of the component as they deem fit. This is where advanced patterns come into the picture.

Advanced React Patterns to the Rescue!

The advanced patterns we’ll consider here are tried and true methods for building reusable components that don’t sacrifice flexibility.

I didn’t create these advanced patterns. In fact, most of the advanced React patterns were made popular by one man, Kent Dodds — an amazing Javascript engineer.

The community has received these patterns extremely well, and I’m here to help you understand how they work!

Let’s start with compound components in the next chapter.