AI Stage Evaluation: Part 1

Let’s learn about the first stage of AI.

Stages of the AI journey

Companies need to evaluate where they are along the AI journey before moving on to the next stage. We’ve divided the AI journey into four stages:

  1. The descriptive AI stage

  2. The diagnostic AI stage

  3. The predictive AI stage

  4. The prescriptive AI stage

As we go through these stages, we further develop our AI practice. The less time we spend acquiring data and the more time we spend analyzing and acting on it, the more developed our AI practice becomes.

Descriptive AI stage

The foundation of AI is descriptive analytics. In this stage, vital business data is recorded, but it can only tell us what happened. In descriptive analytics, data is gathered to identify trends, but the machine cannot make decisions based upon that data yet.

What’s the best way to tell if we’re still in the descriptive AI stage? There are a few clear indications. Normally, business stakeholders rely on business intelligence, which is primarily concerned with regularly reporting previous performance to business leaders.

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