A summary of the content covered in this chapter.

We'll cover the following

In this chapter, we introduced tools and packages to connect to cloud providers, AWS and Azure, with your Ansible environment.

Let’s do a recap of the objectives we set at the start of the chapter:

  • Choose the connection method.
  • Create environment variables.
  • Verify connection to the cloud platform.

We have explored different Ansible Modules for connecting to both AWS and Azure.

Both of them require accounts and security keys to be set up to connect with them. We exposed these keys as Environment variables within the ansible container.

Once exposed, you used Ansible to connect and create resources to verify that the connection works.


As we advance, we will use different environments, one for AWS and one for Azure, to keep our settings compact.


Your Ansible environment requires the following add-on packages to connect with AWS:

  • boto
  • boto3

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