Where to Go from Here?

What is the way forward?

Thank you for taking this course. We are hopeful that this will significantly help you in your career aspirations.

Let’s start by looking at what you have learned in this course.

What have you learned?

At the beginning of this course, we set the following learning outcomes:

  • Setup your Docker environment.
  • Connect with cloud providers, Amazon Web Services(AWS), and Azure.
  • Manage infrastructure on AWS and Azure using Ansible.
  • Automate configuration and state management processes via Ansible.

Simultaneously we covered the following path throughout the course to achieve these goals:

  • Dockerize your Ansible development environment.
  • Connect to the cloud.
  • Use source control to version your changes.
  • Deploy the infrastructure on AWS and Azure
  • Configure Nginx and IIS web servers on Linux and Windows hosts, respectively.
  • Organize and automate dynamic inventory management.
  • Use Github actions to create and manage workflows.

The purpose of this course was to teach you the basics and set you up for success by showing you how to use Ansible.

Now, let’s look at what your next steps can be.

Next steps

If you are looking for what to dive into next or ever wonder what other DevOps tools are available, then the DevOps for Developers path would be an excellent place for you to explore, learn and sharpen your skills.

You can explore other courses on educative.io as well.

Final thoughts

We at Educative hope that this course was a good learning experience for you. Thank you for following it!

Your feedback, comments, concerns, and questions are always welcome. Drop us an email or a comment on the community forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

— Team Educative

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