Global Secondary Index

Understand GSI with an example.

Example scenario

Imagine that we are creating a database for songs. We choose “Artist” as the partition key and “Song_title” as the sort key. The other attributes in the table are “Album”, “Genre”, and “Year”.

The envisioned database will look like this:

Artist Song Album Genre Year
Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb The Wall Progressive rock 1979
Pink Floyd Mother The Wall Progressive rock 1979
The Beatles Glass Onion The Beatles Psychedelic rock 1968
The Beatles Hey Jude 1 Pop rock 2000
Metallica Atlas, Rise! Hardwired… to self-destruct Metal 2016

From this database, we can easily get all the songs by a given “Artist”. For example, we can get a playlist of all the songs by “Pink Floyd”, with the use of the following command:

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