This course covers the following topics in detail.

What is DynamoDB?

Here we will cover the basic grounds. We will discuss the basics of NoSQL databases and the features of DynamoDB.

Creating tables

In this section, we will discuss the flow for table creation. We will also discuss the things you need to keep in mind while creating tables.

Creating items

We will discuss how to populate tables after creating them.

Reading data

After creation and population, we will learn how to read data from tables. With this, the basics section of this course ends. In the following sections, we discuss the intermediate and advanced topics.

Secondary index

Primary Key and Range Key are good but we sometimes need some more query power over our tables. We can use secondary indices for that. We cover secondary indices and their types in this section.


Is our app running well? Are there failures that we need to know about? What is the traffic we are experiencing? We can have many such questions. To answer these questions we need to monitor our database. AWS provides monitoring capabilities in form of CloudWatch. In this section, we cover CloudWatch in detail.

Access management

There are always security concerns when we set up our services. We should be very careful while giving access to different actors in our team. This section covers Access Management with the help of IAMIdentity and Access Management.

Managing DynamoDB at scale

Here, we learn how to correctly provision our DynamoDB for optimal performance under the right budget.

Please do not get overwhelmed with these many topics. You will be able to sail through the course in no time. We know, you can do it.

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