Let's see how Minimap can provide an overview of our code.

We'll cover the following

Top-down view with Minimap

At times, life can be detailed and complex. The same can be true of SQL code or, for that matter, code written in any language. Most database developers have written, reviewed, or maintained SQL code that exceeds hundreds or, perhaps, even a thousand lines. While big code can be intimidating, ADS has a Minimap feature that can at least ease the pain of working with large SQL scripts.

For the following example, you can use any SQL code sample. If more lines are needed for visual effect, just use copy/paste to multiply your lines of SQL code.

To get started with Minimap, you will first want to turn this feature on via the "Command Palette” by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P, entering “minimap,” and selecting “View: Toggle Minimap,” as shown in the figure below:

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