Deployment Using the Node.js Server

Learn about how a Nuxt application can be deployed on a Node server using the Node.js process manager PM2.

There are multiple ways to deploy a Nuxt application on a Node server. However, for this course, we will use a Node.js process manager called PM2.

Advantages of using PM2

  • Performance and stability: PM2 takes advantage of multicore CPUs to enable the running of multiple instances of a Node application. This can significantly increase the application’s capacity to handle a larger number of concurrent requests, making it more scalable.

  • Built-in load balancer: PM2 in cluster mode acts as a load balancer, distributing incoming requests across the various instances. Load balancing ensures that no single instance is overloaded, leading to a more even distribution of the workload and preventing bottlenecks.

  • High availability: Having multiple instances running ensures that when one instance fails, other instances continue to serve requests to clients.

  • Error logging & monitoring: PM2 provides a convenient interface to monitor logs associated with any running application.

Deploying the Nuxt application using PM2

To deploy a Nuxt application using PM2 on a Node server, follow these steps:

  1. To deploy a Nuxt application using PM2 on a Node server, the first step will be to ensure the PM2 library is installed on the server. To do this, run the following command:
npm install -g pm2

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