Deployment Using Vercel

Learn about how a Nuxt project can be deployed on a Vercel serverless infrastructure.

Vercel is a cloud platform that provides a seamless and efficient way to deploy, host, and scale web applications, including front-end frameworks and static sites. It is designed to simplify the deployment process and optimize the performance of web projects.

Advantages of deploying a Nuxt project on Vercel

  • Ease of deployment: Deploying a Nuxt project on Vercel is straightforward because the platform has predefined presets for Nuxt projects.

  • Continuous deployment: Vercel supports continuous deployment, meaning that whenever you push changes to your repository, Vercel automatically triggers the deployment process. Vercel also supports preview deployments for PRs or non-production branches for testing before merging into production.

  • Analytics and monitoring: Vercel provides built-in analytics and monitoring tools that allow us to track the performance and usage of our deployed Nuxt.js application.

  • Community and support: Vercel has an active and supportive community of developers. The platform offers extensive documentation, tutorials, and support to help us get the most out of deploying our Nuxt.js application on Vercel.

Deploying the survey project on Vercel

Vercel allows us to deploy code hosted in GitHub repositories. Therefore, it’s essential to fork the survey application from this repository into our GitHub repository before proceeding with the deployment.

For this sample deployment, we can use the API URL provided by Educative when the widget below is run. The widget is ephemeral, so it’s only good for a preview.

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