Creating an HTTP Server Using Gin

Learn to create an HTTP server in Go using the Gin web framework.

What is an HTTP server?

HTTP is the protocol that's used to serve most of the content on the web. There are a few components involved in this process:

  • Client: This is the software that's used to access services made available by the server, such as the web browser.

  • Server: This is a piece of software that can process HTTP requests and return a response.

  • Endpoint or API Endpoint: This is the path exposed by the server to perform a specific operation on the resource being served.

  • Handler: These are usually the functions used to handle calls directed to an endpoint.

Let's try to write a simple server in Go that receives a ping request and sends back a response to its caller.

Creating an HTTP server without any framework

We'll start with a very simple request, which doesn't involve processing any query or path parameter. For this, we'll directly use Go's built-in net/http package. This package provides a basic server and client implementation.

In the below code snippet, we have tried to implement a ping endpoint for our server:

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