Enable Caching in CI Builds

Learn how to integrate various CI tools with your software.

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CircleCI is a very popular continuous integration and delivery tool that easily integrates with version control systems like GitHub. It supports a lot of great features, Docker Layer Caching (DLC) being one of them. According to the CircleCI website:

DLC will save image layers created within your jobs, rather than impact the actual container used to run your job.

DLC caches the individual layers of any Docker images built during your CircleCI jobs, and then reuses unchanged image layers on subsequent CircleCI runs, rather than rebuilding the entire image every time. In short, the less your Dockerfiles change from commit to commit, the faster your image-building steps will run.

Travis CI

Travis CI is another popular cloud-based CI/CD tool that integrates with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab among others. It also supports layered caching for efficient Docker builds.

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