Building a REST App with Go, Gin, and Docker

Building a REST App with Go, Gin, and Docker


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AI Explanations
Building a REST App with Go, Gin, and Docker
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of HTTP and its application in building a web app

Familiarity with core components of Docker, including building images and managing the app config through them

Hands-on experience in dockerizing and building a web app using Go

The ability to improve the development, release, and deployment process using structured logs, efficient build process, and smaller Docker images

Course Overview

Web apps are used in all walks of life. Many tech companies have already adopted Go as the main language for their backends. As a result, there is a high demand for developers who can create them, especially those with expertise in modern technologies like Go and Docker. This course is a guide for creating RESTful web apps using Go and managing them through Docker. You’ll start with learning about HTTP and how it sends requests and responses to interact with an app’s server. You’ll learn about the basics o...Show More

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