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Grokking coding interview patterns
Learn 26 patterns. Unlock thousands of common coding interview questions — without getting lost in a maze of Leetcode practice problems. Developed by FAANG hiring managers to help you prepare for interviews at major tech companies.
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The Fast Track to Coding Interview Success

Master a handful of coding patterns. Unlock thousands of common interview questions.
Two Pointers
Two Pointers:Employs two pointers initialized at distinct positions for efficient list traversal & manipulation
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Fast and Slow Pointers
Fast and Slow Pointers:Utilizes two pointers for efficient problem solving in linked lists and arrays
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Sliding Window
Sliding Window:Utilizes a window, fixed or dynamic, for optimized sequential data analysis
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Merge Intervals
Merge Intervals:Combines overlapping or adjacent intervals in a sorted list, aiding tasks like appointment scheduling
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Two Heaps
Two Heaps:Utilizes both max-heap and min-heap for solving Element Selection & Priority-based problems
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K-way Merge
K-way Merge:Merges K sorted lists into a single sorted structure efficiently using a min-heap
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Top K Elements
Top K Elements:Retrieves K largest or smallest elements using a min-heap or max-heap, avoiding full sorting
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Greedy Techniques
Greedy Techniques:Makes locally optimal choices at each step & aims for a globally optimal solution
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Backtracking:Explores all possibilities to find solutions, often used in problems with multiple decision points
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Cyclic Sort
Cyclic Sort:Sorts an array of integers from 1 to n in place by repeatedly swapping the elements
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Hash Maps
Hash Maps:Using data structures that map keys to values, enable efficient associative array operations
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Union Find
Union Find:Maintains disjoint sets, offering element association operations of find and merge
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To prepare for a tech interview: Begin by understanding the job requirements and tech stacks involved. Brush up on fundamental concepts such as data structures, algorithms, and system design, and practice coding in the language you will be using. Utilize online platforms like Educative to practice coding questions. Try mock interviews and ask for experts’ help to practice your answers aloud.

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