Centralized Loading Indicator

Learn how to build a centralized service that can display a loading indicator in your application.

Centralized loading indicator scenario

Suppose you are building an enterprise web application with a rich user interface (UI). The UI will consist of several components that consist of independent logic and make requests to the back end. Since each request may take some time, in many cases, it’s best to notify the user that an action, that might take some time, is actually happening in the background. For our scenario, I have created a high-level architecture of a web application where the users can write code, save it, modify it, and export it as a project to be loaded locally. The UI can consist of several components that are each responsible for the given task. When an action is triggered on either component, some “loading” message, based on the type of action, will be shown to the user while the respective request is made to the browser.

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