What’s Next?

Learn how to take your Svelte and Tailwind knowledge to the next level.

There’s always room for improvement and more to learn. This section will cover some recommendations on where you can go next to advance your knowledge of Svelte and Tailwind.

Project suggestions

Here are some suggestions on how to practice your newly acquired skills by polishing this application.

  • Showing/hiding columns: We already have options to sort and filter by each column. To further improve on this, you can add the ability to show/hide columns. This is a great way to reduce noise and let users focus on the important details.

  • Auto-updating ages and scores: We probably don't want to update certain fields manually for each student every now and then, such as ages. Using the registration date and the `Date` object in JavaScript, this can be automated to reduce the workload of users of the application. Scores could be another great candidate for auto-updating based on some logic. Making them uneditable prevents users from editing sensitive information.

  • Saving settings: We have a few options to set in the application, such as sorts/filters or pagination-related changes. However, there is currently no means to save them. Keeping the settings saved in the `state` is a good way to improve user experience and speed up the workflow of users.

  • Exporting to CSV: Currently, we can export to JSON, but users often use Excel and CSV. Adding support for these formats can be another great feature improvement.

Other projects to take on

If you would like to continue your learning path with Svelte using other resources, we suggest going through the "Create a Simple Feedback Application with Svelte" project to use Svelte from a different angle.

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