From Product Requirements to a Plan

Let’s have a look at the product requirements and come up with a plan.

We’ve been contacted by a local sneaker store, Sneakers23, looking to manage better how they release new shoes online. Some of their shoe launches have sold out in 30 seconds and are hotly contested by thousands of shoppers wanting to buy a pair. Shoppers have feedback that the current system doesn’t let them know what’s still available until it’s too late to adjust. We will solve these problems by creating an online shoe release site for Sneakers23.

Sneakers23 would like the ability to launch different shoes at specific times, with each launch getting thousands of visitors and finishing within a minute. Each size will indicate the current stock levels—low, medium, high, and out of stock—in real-time to each visitor. Shoppers will add up to two items into their cart and be alerted if any of their items sell out.

We’ll use a simple visual design throughout this project to focus on the system’s behavior. So, there’s no need to worry if we aren’t familiar with web design.

The result at the end of this section will look like this:

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