A step-by-step guide to creating a free AWS account

Creating an AWS Free Tier account allows us to experiment with deploying our NestJS app to AWS services at no cost.

Caution: Utilize resources judiciously to avoid exceeding the free credit limit.

This lesson provides a step-by-step guide to setting up an AWS Free Tier account.

Start the AWS sign-up

Visit the AWS sign-up page and click the “Create an AWS Account” button. Next, enter the following details in the “Sign up for AWS” page.

  • Root user email address: Provide a valid email address associated with the AWS account.

  • AWS account name: Enter a name for the AWS account.

Click “Continue” after entering the required information.

Confirm email

Next, we should receive a verification email containing a verification code. Enter the code into the “Verification code” text field, and click the “Verify” button. The “Create your password” page will be shown.

Create a root user password

Enter a password into the “Root user password” text field and repeat the password into the “Confirm root user password” text field. Click the “Continue” button to navigate to the “Contact information” page.

Contact information

Complete the following information:

  • Contact information: Enter the contact information, including the full name and phone number.

  • Country: Select the country of residence.

  • Address: Enter the address information.

  • Consent: Tick the consent check box.

Click “Continue” to proceed to the “Payment information” step.

Payment information

AWS requires a credit card for identity verification, even though we are signing up for the free tier. If the usage exceeds the monthly free tier limits, AWS will charge fees according to the standard pay-as-you-go service rates.

Enter the credit card information and click the “Submit” button to go to the next step, “Identity verification.”

Identity verification

AWS will verify identity by sending a code via SMS or voice call.

  • Choose the “Text message” option.

  • Provide the required information in the “Country or region code” and “Mobile phone number” fields.

  • Enter the characters shown in the “Security check” image.

  • Click the “Send SMS” button.

We’ll receive a text message containing the AWS verification code. Enter the code and click the “Continue” button to navigate to the “Select a support plan” page.

Choose a support plan

For the free tier, choose the “Basic” support plan. This provides access to the AWS Community Forums.

Click the “Complete sign up” button. Then, the “Congratulations” page will be shown to confirm the account setup has been completed. We’ll also receive an email from AWS confirming that the free-tier account is ready.

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