Certification Tips and Tricks

This lesson will go over some tricks to make certification easier.

Congratulations! You have now completed the course project and built the Voice Clues Alexa Skill. You can follow these steps for adding more features, change the game theme to give it your unique touch, and then publish it.

We have already discussed the distribution and certification steps that follow Skill development previously.

Keeping those in mind. Complete these steps for Voice Clues and check for the common certification pitfalls like:

  • It doesn’t meet invocation name requirements.
  • Incorrectly worded example phrases.
  • Intent response errors.
  • Doesn’t implement one of the required built-in intents.
  • Infringement on Intellectual Property in Skill metadata.
  • Collects PII (Personally Identifiable Information) such as email addresses without a privacy policy.

Once you’ve addressed any concerns, submit the Skill for review. To view the certification status of your Skill and updates from the review process, navigate to “Certification” > “Submission”. This section also shows the date and time when certification results should be available.

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