Submission and Certification

This lesson offers a quick overview of how to send the Skill for certification.

We'll cover the following

Once we’re done building our Skill, there are some steps we need to follow to get our Skill ready for publishing. The first step is testing the Skill ourselves or even conducting beta testing with some users.

Once we’re ready to make our Skill available to others, we will need to publish our Skill to the Alexa Skill Store so that others can enable it. This requires our Skill to go through a certification process.

Amazon will test the Skill during the certification process to ensure that it meets their qualifications and standards. After our Skill passes testing, it’s published to the Skill store where users can enable it.

Click on the “Distribution” tab at the top and it will bring us to the “Store Preview” page. This is where we will provide the following for our Skill:

  • Public Name
  • One Sentence Description
  • Detailed Description
  • What’s new (optional)
  • Three Example Phrases
  • Small Skill Icon (108x108)
  • Large Skill Icon (512x512)
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • Privacy Policy URL (optional unless you’re collecting users’ personal information)
  • Terms of Use URL (optional unless you’re collecting users’ personal information)

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