Where to Go From Here

In this lesson, you will receive a roadmap to deepen your understanding of the Dart language.

Congratulations again on finishing your course on intermediate Dart language concepts.

Now that you have solid knowledge and understanding of how things work in the Dart world, you may be eager to continue your learning. Advanced concepts are not needed for day-to-day programming work but they may be useful for solving complex problems in a simple manner.

Here are some concepts that you may be interested in learning next:

  1. OS Variables/Platform Class: You can find information about the environment your program is running in with the help of OS variables.
  2. Process class: You will learn to execute the system-level program from Dart code. For example, executing the ls command to list the files in a directory from a Dart program.
  3. Working with the database to develop Flutter applications. You can learn more about it here.
  4. Compressing data like String(s) in Dart to GZip: The archive package is a useful Dart library to encode and decode various archive and compression formats. Learn to use it here.
  5. Encryption in Dart: Learn to use the encrypt package for encryption here.

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