Architecture Of The Web

Understanding the web is key to creating web applications. In this lesson, we will learn the history and architecture of the web.

The birth of the web

The idea of the web originated from the CERN laboratory by Tim Berners-Lee.

Scientists from all over the world would visit CERN to use its accelerator, but they had difficulty sharing information.

Tem Berners Lee saw the problem and he had his eureka moment.

Millions of computers were already connected through the network, so existing infrastructure could be utilized to share the information among computers. His idea was to design a loosely connected system that communicates using hypertext.

This idea eventually gave birth to the web in 1989 and he wrote his first web browser in 1990.

The browser technology was made open source and became available to the general public.

Shortly thereafter, every business wanted to establish a web presence. This discovery was central to the Information Age. Now, billions of people use the internet to share information.

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