Intended Audience and Prerequisites

This lesson goes over the intended audience and the prerequisites of the course.

Intended audience

First things first: Thank you for choosing this course!

This course is for developers, senior developers, and architects with experience in building client-server applications based on the Spring Framework. It is also for those with some working knowledge of the Spring Framework who want to step into the world of the Spring Boot.

It is for the people who love to code and understand the complexity behind any small to big enterprise application.


We expect our learners to have experience building applications using Java and Spring Framework, with either Maven or Gradle.

Learners are also expected to know what the Spring IoC container is and how the dependency injection works.

Code location

Github links containing code for all the lessons are provided in the appendix section.

Learning outcomes

In this course, we will learn about:

  • What is Spring Boot?
  • Its advantages over conventional Spring Framework
  • Foundations of Spring Boot, including the auto-configuration
  • Designing a reusable persistence layer with Spring data
  • Exposing and consuming Restful web services
  • Enabling monitoring and observability in the Spring Boot application with the Spring Boot actuator module

Let’s get started now.