You made it!

Great job! In this course, we have covered a lot of material.

In terms of concepts, you learned about:

  • The Facebook Graph API structure, with its nodes, edges, and fields.
  • Authentication, authorization, and permission scopes.
  • Facebook’s use of access tokens for authorization.
  • The “Login with Facebook” authorization flow and its relationship to OAuth2.

Then, through hands-on learning, we covered the following:

  • Setting up a Facebook App with Facebook Login and test users
  • Obtaining a short-lived access token
  • Inspecting a token
  • Exchanging a short-lived access token for a long-lived access token
  • Attaching an access token to your Graph API requests
  • Making requests of the Graph API endpoints, including user, user feed, and user friends
  • Working with fields when making requests
  • Pagination and limiting result set sizes

Again, that is a lot. You are definitely set up with a strong foundation to begin exploring the Graph API further on your own.

You can always refer to the Graph API documentation for details.

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