Challenge 6: Print Even/Odd Numbers in Descending Order

Now that we have practiced for loop, let's learn to print even/odd numbers in descending order using a while loop.

Problem Statement

Implement a printEvenOdd function that receives a number n as parameter and prints–in decreasing order–which numbers are even and which are odd until it reaches 0. For instance, on calling printEvenOdd(10) it prints


The input will be a number n. We have used n = 10 in the below output.


        Even number: 10
        Odd number: 9
        Even number: 8
        Odd number: 7
        Even number: 6
        Odd number: 5
        Even number: 4
        Odd number: 3
        Even number: 2
        Odd number: 1

Coding Exercise

Play with the following code to produce the above output.

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