Introduction to the Course

Learn about the YH Finance API, its services, and how we'll move forward with this course.

We'll cover the following

Financial markets are seas of information. Keeping tabs on that information is crucial for traders to be able to bid on the right thing and excel in their field. We can help them get this information by creating a platform where they can get all the data they need. The YH Finance API can certainly help us achieve this goal.

What is an API?

An API is a software gateway that allows different software components to communicate with each other. It helps expose the capabilities of an application to the outer world, allowing for programmatic access to its data.

Consider the case of a service like a finance application that provides historical and real-time financial market data. Building and exposing an API like YH Finance API for this service will allow others to programmatically fetch the data this service offers, such as the market summary and trending securities. We can integrate this API into our web application to help our users retrieve and analyze this data.

The YH Finance API provides 11 endpoints. The functionalities of these endpoints are mentioned below:

  • Nine endpoints provide us with information about securities.

  • Two endpoints show us the market trends.

In this course, we'll look at what each of these endpoints does and how to use them.

To get the most out of this course, you should be familiar with:

  • Basic knowledge of API architecture
  • The use of HTTP requests and JSON objects
  • The basics of JavaScript and React
  • Familiarity with the stock market terminologies