Final Application

Interact with the live application with server-side and client-side code merged in it.

We'll cover the following

The final Fruit Buying application is given in the code environment below. We have integrated the server-side and the client-side code from the last two lessons into it. You can start interacting with the app by clicking the Run button. Before running the application, make sure that the API keys have already been provided. If not, you need to provide the API keys (i.e., Merchant ID, Public Key, and Private Key) obtained from the Braintree sandbox account.

After these keys have been set, you can run the application. First, the server fires up in the terminal tab. After a while, the application can be viewed in the output tab. You can also view the application in a new tab in your browser by clicking the app link written against the “Your app can be found at:” field.

You can visualize the Braintree integration by playing around with the application, adding some items in your cart, and making the payment. You can make payments using dummy card numbers and random future expiration dates. The valid dummy card numbers for Braintree can be found here

Live demo

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