Dropbox API Overview

Get introduced to the Dropbox API and the learning outcomes of this course.

Dropbox is a platform where users can upload and back up files. Dropbox API makes it easier for developers to integrate its functionalities into their applications and offers numerous endpoints to access different services provided by Dropbox. The APIs that extract public data can be called without an authentication key, and user-specific data is accessed through the authentication process. Some objects of Dropbox include users, directories, and files. Each of these objects are connected and can be identified through a unique ID. For example, a user can create a folder and upload the files; after that, these files and folders can be shared with other users.

Dropbox API namespaces

Let’s see the namespacesA declarative region that defines the scope of variables, functions, types, and so on. and their descriptions from the Dropbox API.

The users namespace

We can use the users namespace to retrieve information about a Dropbox user's account. This namespace also plays a vital role in the authentication of Dropbox services. The Dropbox API also provides the functionality of getting user info, and we can also check for storage usage info.

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An overview of Dropbox API endpoints
An overview of Dropbox API endpoints

The file request namespace

The file request namespace creates a file request and then uploads a file to the Dropbox account. The main parts of a file request are a URL and an id, which we can use as the identifier of the request.

The file namespace

Dropbox is all about files. Every file namespace has an id and path that we use to access them. The file namespace offers the functionality to upload and download a file. We can also share and unshare a file.

The directory namespace

The directory namespace represents a folder in Dropbox. When we upload a file on Dropbox, we upload it into a directory. We can create, delete, share, and unshare a directory.