CamelCamelCamel's Communication with the Amazon Service


The C3's services interact with Amazon's services to provide a seamless user experience. In this lesson, we’ll see how this interaction happens in the following two scenarios:

  • C3 service communicating client requests to Amazon.

  • C3 service communicating server requests (C3 requests) to Amazon.

In the case of client requests, the C3 service prepares a new request based on queries received in the client's request, sends it to the Amazon service, and waits for the response. After receiving a response from Amazon, the C3 service processes it and sends it to the client.

In the case of server requests, the requests are prepared based on generalized queries to get maximum data from Amazon. Let's elaborate on communication between C3 and Amazon in the following sections.

Search service

Whenever a search request arrives from the client, the C3 service lets the client wait until it receives up-to-date results from Amazon's search service. The illustration below presents the complete flow of a search request by a client:

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