Let AI Evaluate Your Understanding of Architectural Styles

Test your understanding of the different architectural styles.

We'll cover the following

We’ve now covered the different types of architectures. Take the following AI-powered assessments to test and solidify your knowledge in real-world scenarios. Don't worry; our AI mentor will guide you along the way.

Assessment 1

Let’s consider a scenario. We have to design an API in which we’ll need to do the following:

  • Avoid requesting multiple endpoints for accessing data.

  • Make it possible to customize the structure of our request and response to avoid the overfetching and underfetching of data.

  • Minimize the number of API versions.

  • Allow for the caching of data.

  • Be easily compatible with HTTP 1.1.

Given the requirements above, which architectural style from the list provided below would be best suited for this system?

  • REST

  • gRPC

  • GraphQL

Note: You must only pick one architectural style best suited for the system described above. Provide your answer in the widget below.

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