Let AI Evaluate your Concepts of the API Design

Test your knowledge of different concepts related to API design.

GymBuddy API design

GymBuddy is a social platform designed for fitness enthusiasts. You, being their principal design engineer, are tasked with designing an API with the following features:

  1. GymBuddy regularly introduces new features, seamlessly integrated with the existing ones.

  2. It tailors its responses to serve multiple client types, such as desktop and mobile web browsers, mobile apps, and so on.

  3. In the rare event of service outages, GymBuddy takes proactive steps to prevent the cascading failure of services.

After learning about essential API concepts, envision the most suitable techniques for GymBuddy’s features. How would you implement the above requirements, and why do you think they’d be a good fit?

Provide your answer and reasoning in the widget below.

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