Deploy Your Network

In this lesson, we will launch an environment on which we will run all our network containers(peer, orderer, CA, state-db)

Folder Structure: #

First lets take a look at the folder structure. Here is what’s inside the infra-basic-network folder:

  • Crypto Config:

    • crypto-config.yaml: This is the input file to cryptogen tool for generating the crypto material. This tool has already been run for convenience in our environment and resultant keys and certificates are already added in crypto-config folder.
  • Configuration Transaction:

    • configtx.yaml : config file defining input to generate the configuration transaction. This will be consumed by configtx executable to generate config transaction in files inside infra-basic-network/config folder.
  • Network Components Containers Definition:

    • docker-compose.yml: This file defines each infrastructure component that will run to form the network. If you look inside this file you will see it defines all the containers using official Hyperledger Fabric images. The crypto-config folder is mounted as volume on these containers to give them access to relevant keys & certs.

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