APIs to SDKs

Learn the basics of GIPHY SDK and get introduced to the animated text, emoji, and video clip.

By now, we’ve covered all the important GIPHY API endpoints, so we’ll move ahead and explore the GIPHY SDK. GIPHY SDK functions not only support GIFs and stickers, but also the animated text, emojis, and video clips. Before we proceed, let's see what these new items are.

Animated text

GIPHY’s animated text brings life to our text by animating it in a variety of styles. The animated text can either be a text-based sticker or dynamically generated. The dynamically generated text is produced at the time of search using the search term and some predefined styles of GIPHY.

Video clips

GIPHY’s video clips are GIFs with sound. They boost up the expression of GIFs by adding up a layer of audio. The clips can be made from a combination of various entities such as cultural moments, unforgettable quotes, reactions, expressions, emotions, and characters that allow us to express ourselves more creatively.


GIPHY’s emojis are fully animated emoji stickers. GIPHY also offers some new and unique emojis.


The table below will help us map the API to the SDK plan, other than the SDK for animated text and emojis exclusively.

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