Challenge: Lookup Case Study

Follow the instructions to solve the challenge.

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Test the differences

Lookup, a retail business, experiences a drop in sales performance and wants to find the reason behind it. They suspect that the drop is related to the geographical location of the stores. They want to know if their suspicion can be statistically proven.

You are in Lookup’s analyst team. The team suggests collecting data from stores across the country. The data contains the location and performance scores of the stores in the Sales_score and Location columns. The locations of retail stores are categorized into three different groups. The number of stores in each location group varies.

What would be your strategy after collecting the data?

Please conduct a statistical test and decide if the geographical location affects the sales performance by following the instructions below:

  • Read the CSV file to load the data from this location:
  • Choose the type of statistical test.
  • Test the relationship between the Sales_score and Location columns.
  • Name the output of the test result.

Please use the test container below. The test container interprets the test results automatically.

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