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Now you have all the knowledge required for intermediate and advanced Kotlin material.

This lesson offers useful resources to point you in the right direction.

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Free Resources #

  • Official Kotlin language documentation

    ✔️ Well-written and provides up-to-date info directly from the makers of Kotlin.

    ✖️ Not as engaging to work through, no exercises, not hands-on.

  • Official Kotlin Koans

    ✔️ Hands-on coding exercises, can be done directly in the browser or in your IDE, directly from Jetbrains

    ✖️ You should already know the respective language features, not a tutorial

  • Kotlin Slack

    ✔️ Great place to ask all your questions and learn about all sides of Kotlin

    ✔️ Brilliant community with many Kotlin developers ready to help

  • Talking Kotlin podcast

    ✔️ Directly from Jetbrains, diverse range of topics

    ✖️ Often very specific and/or advanced topics

  • Kotlin for Java Developers online course

    ✔️ Directly from Jetbrains, goes beyond the basics

Further Resources #

Online Courses #

  • Kotlin for Android & Java developers: Clean Code on Android

    ✔️ Build your own Android app with Kotlin

    ✔️ Recaps the basics and quickly moves on to intermediate and advanced language features

    • This is one of my Udemy courses
  • Kotlin for Beginners

    ✔️ Engaging videos, quizzes, and coding exercises

    ✖️ The first half of the course is very similar to what you learned here, but it may be a good way to recap the topics

    • This is one of my Udemy courses

Books #

  • Kotlin for Android app development

    ✔️ Covers Kotlin basics, functional programming, object orientation, asynchronous programming, Android app development, best practices, and more

    • This book, which I wrote, covers much more than this introductory course
  • Kotlin in Action

    ✔️ Great resource for the Kotlin language itself, written by two members of the Kotlin team at Jetbrains

    ✖️ Does not cover using Kotlin on Android or other specific platforms

Feedback? #

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