A Console Game

Let's try to make a simple game.

We'll cover the following

Coding challenge

We want to create a random number guessing game. The way it works is that the game generates a random number from 1 to 10, and the player must try to guess it in 3 tries or less.

Here’s what you will have to do:

  • Generate a random number (don’t worry, we will do this for you).
  • Take the player’s input from the console (don’t worry, we will do this for you as well).
  • Compare the player’s guess with the generated number and check if:
    • The number of remaining tries is more than 0. If so, the player can continue guessing if they are wrong.
    • The player has won.
    • The player has lost.
  • If the player has tries left, output TOO HIGH or TOO LOW to the console depending on their guess.
  • If the player has won, output WINNER to the console.
  • If the player has lost, output YOU LOSE! THE NUMBER WAS: X to the console, where X is the randomNumber.

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