Building and Running tests: SOAP API

Building the project

Go to the project root and run the following commands.

./gradlew clean build -x test

Commands to run the test files from the command line

Go to the project root to run the command.

Sample tests for reference


./gradlew clean build test --tests "io.educative.soap.tests.TestGetStudents"


./gradlew clean build test --tests "io.educative.soap.tests.TestIntegrationFlow"

Note: Incase the test run is stopped manually, the server running on the port 6565 also needs to be stopped.

Generated report paths

  • TestNG - ./build/test-results/test/
  • Allure - ./build/reports/test-output/allure-reports/index.html
  • Gradle - ./build/reports/tests/test/index.html

How to open an Allure report from the command line

Once the test execution is complete, please go to the project root and run the command below to open the Allure report:

./gradlew allureServe

The command above will open a report similar to the following one:

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