Course Project: Online Bookstore

Get an introduction to the course project that we'll be developing throughout this course.

Project overview

In this course, we’ll create an online bookstore as a hands-on project. A brief summary of the project modules and components are provided below:

  • Products component: This component displays all products on the home page once they have been fetched from the server.

  • Product component: This component displays information about a single product.

  • Shopping cart component: This component fetches shopping cart data from the server and displays it in the frontend.

  • Products service: This service retrieves data from the server.

  • Data service: This service allows us to mock a real server. We won’t use an actual back-end server for the sake of simplicity. To simulate a server, we’ll utilize the angular-in-memory-web-api library.

The following is an illustration of the project structure:

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