The any Type and Explicit Casting

Explore TypeScript's any type for fluid variable usage and explicit casting, bypassing strict type rules.

We'll cover the following

TypeScript allows a simple type annotation syntax. We also know that TypeScript generates JavaScript and, as such, must be able to mimic what JavaScript can do. Unfortunately, matching what JavaScript can do may also include relaxing the strict typing rules and allowing a string value to be assigned to a numeric value, for example.

The any type completely removes the strict type rules associated with a variable and allows the fluid and unconstrained use of variables, like in JavaScript. We will also strongly recommend not using the any type as much as possible.

The any type

TypeScript uses the type annotation syntax to define what type a particular variable or function parameter should be. Once we have set a type for a variable, the compiler will ensure that this type is maintained throughout our code base.

Unfortunately, this means that we can’t recreate JavaScript where the JavaScript does not match these strict type rules.

Consider the following JavaScript code:

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