Segmentation of Medical Images

Learn about the segmentation of a medical image using the Felzenszwalb algorithm.

Image segmentation basics

Image segmentation is the process of partitioning an image into multiple segments or sets of pixels. Image segmentation is typically used to locate images’ objects and boundaries (lines, curves, and so on). More precisely, image segmentation is the process that assigns a label to every pixel in an image. That way, pixels with the same label share specific characteristics. Applications of image segmentation include the following:

  • Machine vision
  • Medical imaging, including volume-rendered images from computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
    • Locating tumors and other pathologies
    • Measuring tissue volumes
    • Diagnosis
    • The study of anatomical structure
    • Surgery planning
    • Virtual surgery simulation
    • Intra-surgery navigation
  • Traffic control systems

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