When Should We Use the MongoDB Database?

Learn when to use the MongoDB database.

We need to remember the following features of MongoDB when deciding whether to choose it as a database for our application or not.

  1. Stores data in the form of JSON documents.
  2. Supports indexing on document level and embedded document level.
  3. Supports replication.
  4. Supports auto-sharding.
  5. Provides a way to write complex queries, supports aggregation, and joins using aggregation pipelines.
  6. Supports horizontal scaling.
  7. Supports database transactions, which is a core of RDBMS.
  8. It’s an open-source database.
  9. Allows easy performance tuning.
  10. Can handle large data of any size.
  11. Faster than a relational database as it does not have a predefined schema.

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