Work with S3 Event Notifications

Learn to create and work with S3 Event Notifications.

AWS S3 allows us to respond to certain events that occur on a bucket in an automated way using S3 Event Notifications.

When configured, S3 Event Notifications send out a notification whenever the supported configured event occurs. This can be realized by the supported AWS services, and it can perform the necessary action automatically.

Supported events

1. Object creation

Supported events in object creation include the following:

  • s3:ObjectCreated:*
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Put
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Post
  • s3:ObjectCreated:Copy
  • s3:ObjectCreated:CompleteMultipartUpload

2. Object removal

Supported events in object removal include

  • s3:ObjectRemoved:*
  • s3:ObjectRemoved:Delete
  • s3:ObjectRemoved:DeleteMarkerCreated

3. Object restore

Supported events in object restore include the following:

  • s3:ObjectRestore:*
  • s3:ObjectRestore:Post
  • s3:ObjectRestore:Completed
  • s3:ObjectRestore:Delete

4. Object ACL

Supported events in object ACL include the following:

  • s3:ObjectAcl:Put

5. Object tagging

Supported events in object tagging include the following:

  • s3:ObjectTagging:*
  • s3:ObjectTagging:Put
  • s3:ObjectTagging:Delete
  1. Reduced Redundancy Storage

Supported events in Reduced Redundancy Storage include the following:

  • s3:ReducedRedundancyLostObject
  1. Replication

Supported events in replication include the following:

  • s3:Replication:*
  • s3:Replication:OperationMissedThreshold
    • s3:Replication:OperationReplicatedAfterThreshold
  • s3:Replication:OperationNotTracked
  • s3:Replication:OperationFailedReplication
  1. Lifecycle**

Supported events in lifecycle include the following:

  • s3:LifecycleTransition
  • s3:LifecycleExpiration:*
  • s3:LifecycleExpiration:Delete
  • s3:LifecycleExpiration:DeleteMarkerCreated
  1. Intelligent-Tiering

Supported events in Intelligent-Tiering include the following:

  • s3:IntelligentTiering

Supported destinations

Destination means the target that will receive the S3 event notification and will respond to the event. It’ll also perform the required configured action.

S3 supports the following destinations to receive the event:

  • The Lambda function
  • The Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic
  • The Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue

In this section, we configure one SNS topic that responds to the object, creates an event, and publishes an email to the subscribers.

  1. Go to AWS SNS and create a standard topic.

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