Useful Packages

Go through the links to the packages mentioned in the course.

We'll cover the following

The responsive_framework helps you make your application responsive. It automatically scales the UI when the screen is larger.

Another package that can help with responsive design is Flexfold, Unfortunately, it’s not published on yet.

Finally, responsive_builder provides some widgets that require less code when you implement responsive design in your applications.

Adaptive design

The macos_ui provides widgets in the style of Apple’s macOS.

The fluent_ui is an unofficial implementation of Fluent UI, the design used by Microsoft Windows.

For Ubuntu Linux, there are different packages that can be combined together for a good result:

Other packages useful for Linux, but not discussed in this course, are: adwaita and libadwaita.

Other useful resources are the official design guides for macOS, Fluent UI, and Yaru.

Another approach to tackle adaptability is to use the same design for all platforms. The stockholm package aims to provide a design that’s familiar to both macOS and Windows users without replicating their design guidelines.

flutter_platform_widgets extends the existing adaptive widgets in the Flutter framework. It only supports mobile for now.

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