Challenge: Testing the User Interface with WebdriverIO

Challenge yourself by writing a test to complete the flow from sign-up to logout.

Challenge overview

Previously, we wrote individual tests for the sign-up and login workflows. However, we can combine the sign-up and login workflows into one test. Combining the workflows into one test makes the test suite run faster because WebdriverIO only needs to start up and open a browser once.

Challenge instructions

Your task is to use the provided starter test located in the test/specs file and page object files located in test/pages to write a single test case that covers the following steps:

  1. Sign up for an account.

  2. Login with the newly created account.

  3. Log out of the account.

  4. Verify the test ends at the login page.

The comments in the given test file provide guidance for each step. Execute the application below to start the application:

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