The Course Structure

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The course journey

The course starts with the “Understanding Modern Testing Practices” chapter. In this chapter, we’ll cover old and new approaches to building and testing software. In the “Understanding the Test Pyramid” chapter, we’ll learn about test planning and design strategies. What we learn from these chapters will help us understand efficient and effective ways to test applications. Finally, we’ll use this knowledge to select the best approaches to executing test cases for the application.

In the “Next.js and the Course Application” chapter, we’ll review the application’s features that we will use to expand our testing skills. We’ll cover the application structure and examine the sign-up and login features.

We’ll dive deep into Postman and start testing the application’s API in the “Testing Endpoints with Postman” chapter. Next, we’ll test the application from the end user’s perspective in the “Testing the UI Workflow with WebdriverIO” chapter. Finally, we’ll learn how to install and set up the tool and organize code with a widely used pattern.

In the “Test a Work Order Manager with Postman” and “Test a Work Order Manager with WebdriverIO” chapters, we’ll have the opportunity to put our new abilities to use on a project by testing the UI and API of a work order manager for ourselves. Finally, we’ll wrap up the course by summarizing our newly gained skills and strategies. The course will utilize quizzes and practice exercises to reinforce our learning throughout the course.

The image above illustrates what we’ll learn throughout the course. In this course, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Testing practices
  • Test pyramid
  • Login application
  • Postman
  • WebdriverIO
  • Project