Challenge: Performing a Multiclass Classification

Test yourself by consuming a multiclass classification model.

We'll cover the following

Using the coding playground at the end of this lesson, perform the tasks highlighted in the “Problem statement” section.

Problem statement

In the following playground, we have an ML.NET application with a trained multiclass classification model that places software errors into categories. The model has been trained to accept a detailed error message and assign the error to a relevant category.

Currently, we consume this model by printing out all possible categories against the likelihood of a specific error being in each of the categories. You need to make some changes to the way the model is consumed. We only need to know what the most likely predicted category is. We don’t need to know the score against all possible categories. Therefore, for this challenge, you need to do the following:

  • Remove the logic that prints the score against each category.

  • Print Predicted category is in the console, followed by the name of the category.

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