Using Shouldly to Improve Readability

Get to know the Shouldly library and how it can simplify test assertions.

Shouldly is another popular assertion library for .NET unit testing that provides an alternative approach to writing assertions compared to the standard xUnit assertions. Here are some reasons why we should consider using Shouldly:

  • Fluent syntax: Like Fluent Assertions, Shouldly offers a fluent and more readable syntax for writing assertions. This can make our test code more natural for humans to read and understand, especially when writing complex assertions or chaining multiple conditions.

  • Detailed error messages: Shouldly is known for providing detailed and informative error messages when assertions fail. These error messages often include the values being compared, making diagnosing issues in our code easier.

  • Conciseness: Shouldly’s concise syntax leads to a more compact and cleaner test code, reducing noise in our tests and making them easier to maintain.

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