Hotel APIs

Learn how to search hotels, and get the best deals and ratings for over 150,000 hotels worldwide.

Amadeus Hotel APIs allow us to search and compare hotels from around the globe. They provide detailed information that makes it easier for customers to choose the perfect stay during their tours. In this lesson, we’ll cover the following hotel APIs:

  • Hotel Name Autocomplete
  • Hotel Search
  • Hotel Ratings

Note: The results provided by the hotel APIs are from more than 150,000 hotels worldwide listed on the Amadeus Global Distribution System (GDS).

The Hotel Name Autocomplete API

The Hotel Name Autocomplete API allows us to search for hotels worldwide using some search text. We can retrieve a maximum of 20 hotels based on the given search text with a single API call. This API provides detailed information about each hotel including its name, location, and IATA code.

We’ll use the following URL for the Hotel Name Autocomplete API:

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