Planning the Perfect Vacation with Amadeus APIs in Python

Planning the Perfect Vacation with Amadeus APIs in Python


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Planning the Perfect Vacation with Amadeus APIs in Python
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Takeaway Skills

Get a working knowledge of the various Amadeus Travel APIs and their endpoints.

Search for flight information, including price, status, and departure/arrival airports, using Amadeus APIs.

Search for hotel information, including pricing and room availability, at over 150,000 hotels worldwide using Amadeus APIs.

Find local points of interest based on a geographic database to plan vacations using Amadeus APIs.

Apply basic relational algorithms to trip data and provide recommendations for travel using Amadeus APIs.

Get hands-on experience creating a functional travel application using Amadeus APIs and Django.

Course Overview

Amadeus Travel APIs connect users to the richest information repository in the travel industry. They allow users to build, innovate, and launch high-quality applications to assist with various travel operations. In this course, you’ll learn how to search cheapest flights for a trip, inquire about flight status, and search cities and airports. You’ll also learn how to search for hotel ratings and get the best cost for over 150,000 hotels worldwide. Moreover, you’ll generate trip recommendations, find places...Show More

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