Check My Headers command-line application

In this lesson, we'll learn how to use a command-line application to retrieve HTTP headers set for a web page.

check-my-headers is a fast and simple command-line application in Node.js to ping web servers and inspect the HTTP security headers to provide a status log.

Unlike online and built-in tools, check-my-headers need to be installed in your development environment, or better yet, in your continuous_integrationcontinuous_integration pipeline.

It is open source and based on Node.js, so if you have a JavaScript tooling environment setup then it can be easily installed.

In a modern Node.js environment, we can make use of the npx tool to execute a one-off executable npm package.

To start a scan, we can run the following command:

npx check-my-headers 

You can run this command in the terminal widget below.

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